I look for long term cooperation with customers who need software design and software development.

Well-known (you may ask Google) Russian programmer and hacker.

I have a wide experience in development of software and management of teams of developers. I am able to find, employ and motivate people for achievement of necessary aims.

The main achievement — creation of architecture and development of botnet Festi (more detailed in Google and Wikipedia), "one of the world's most prolific spambots" according to The New York Times newspaper. It is possible to call this software harmful, but according to the experts, it is actually a masterpiece among malicious software, as developing any software product, I has an extremely serious approach to process, using the international standards of development of software, adapted for requirements of the customer.
I know much about computer viruses, malicious software, cyberwarfare and cyberattacks, and successfully put my knowledge into practice.

I prefer distant work.

Within the scope of my interests falls: design and development of means of protection of personal, financial, corporate, military and state information; design and development of cyberwarfare, ways of its application, methods of conducting cyberwar and various means of counteraction.

If you need the development of software connected with the subject of informational security, link with me.

If you want to create your antivirus product, I will be glad to help you.

If your ideas get to sphere of my interests, and you have resources for their realization, contact me that your ideas got a form of a finished software product.

If you have resources and you want to make the informational world safer, write to me, together we will surely think up something.

If you are a journalist, and my opinion concerning subjects from area of my interests is attractive for you, ask questions, I will answer them with pleasure.

Cooperating with me, you set for me a task (or you sound an idea), all the rest is done by me. Expensively! But eventually we receive the result striving for perfection.

I'm always ready to discuss your project. My emails are igor@artimovich.info and iartimovich82@gmail.com. You may write in English or Russian languages. You may find my CV here.

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