I'm a software engineer with solid background in technologies such as C/C++, Java, JavaScript, PHP, MongoDB and MySQL.

Currently I'm in St. Petersburg, Russian Federation. In general I look for teleworking only. I work distantly from Russia as a remote contractor therefore I don't need any visas or working permits because I'm not going to move to the client's location so I'm eligible to work as a contractor for customers from Canada, EU, UK and US.

I graduated from St. Petersburg State University, faculty of Applied Mathematics and Control Processes. I'm the Master of Science in Applied Mathematics. I worked in Sun Microsystems (nowadays Oracle) and was engaged in development of the compiler of C programming language which was a part of a tool kit for software development called Sun Studio (nowadays Oracle Solaris Studio). Afterwards I was a hacker and I did "one of the world's most prolific spambots" according to the article in The New York Times newspaper with the code name Festi given to it by Microsoft.

My personal CV may be found here https://goo.gl/eKsAaD in pdf file format and here https://goo.gl/OmCUXy in Microsoft Word format.

My emails are igor@artimovich.info and iartimovich82@gmail.com (please, start the subj with 739 to mark your message as important). I'm always ready to discuss your project. Let me know your requirements and I will reply with my estimations concerning terms and costs asap.

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